Chirp, chirp, chirp.

That’s the sound you hear amid the deafening silence from the PCUSA about the Evangelical Presbyterian Church approving transitional presbyteries for congregations from the New Wineskins Association. If you go to the Presbyterian News Service’s news page, you’ll learn that Bud Frimoth, a retired pastor from Oregon, has won the Angell Award for “best first book by a Presbyterian writer.” (“Frimoth, 81, won the award for his book, Bring in the Clowns: A Metaphor for Ministry, published by Pleasant Word, a division of Wine Press. The book, drawing on Frimoth’s years of ministry and clowning, suggests how the art of clowning offers helpful metaphors for reflecting on ministry.” Sorry, I’m not biting. That set-up is way too easy.) From the Presbyterian Outlook, you can find out that “Korean Presbyterian shave their heads to protest school law.” (Read it if you’re intrigued.) But the latest on New Wineskins? Pfui. Aren’t they some kind of fundie cult?

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