There’s an excellent editorial at the Layman Online about the current trend toward the PCUSA’s Louisville leadership using enforcers to get what they want. The whole thing is worth the read, but this part is really wonderful:

After scores of congregations representing tens of thousands of parishioners chose to leave the PCUSA and join the Biblically faithful Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), [PCUSA Stated Clerk Clifton] Kirkpatrick charged EPC shepherds with sheep stealing, and he predicted that if the practice continues, someone would probably suggest a retaliatory action to the coming General Assembly. As surely as night follows day, Peace River Presbytery filed an overture to the General Assembly, repeating Kirkpatrick’s unsubstantiated allegations and calling on the World Alliance of Reformed Churches to investigate the EPC.

And who presides as president of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches? Clifton Kirkpatrick!

So the circle is complete. Kirkpatrick alleges an impropriety and voices a prediction (more a plea than prognostication). Peace River dutifully picks up the cudgel, repeats Kirkpatrick’s unsubstantiated charges, and does the deed. Ergo, Kirkpatrick, the accuser becomes Kirkpatrick, the judge.

Thus does the mainline church continue its slide into self-parody.

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