O Lord God, since You were pleased to create the night for us to rest, as You ordained the day for work, please grant me the grace so to rest in body this night that my soul may always be watching for You and my heart may be lifted up in Your love, and I may so let go of all earthly cares as to be comforted and eased as my weakness requires. May I never forget You, but may the remembrance of Your goodness and grace remain always imprinted on my memory, so that by this means my conscience also may have its spiritual repose as my body takes its physical rest. Moreover, do not let my sleep be excessive, to gratify beyond measure the ease of my flesh, but only to satisfy the frailness of my nature, so that I may be disposed to Your service. Also, please preserve me unpolluted in my body as in my spirit, and protect me from all dangers so that even my sleep may be to the glory of Your name. And because no day passes that I do not offend You in many ways, since I am a poor sinner, as all is now hidden by the darkness that You send on the earth, please also bury all my offenses by Your mercy, so that I may not be driven back from Your face by them. Hear me, my God, my Father, my Savior, by our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

–John Calvin, from Writings on Pastoral Piety (Classics of Western Spirituality), Paulist Press, 2001, p. 214