Having seen the reaction of the ECUSA House of Bishops to the Dar es Salaam communique, it looks like some prominent Episcopalians are ready to call it a day. There’s these:

Conservative leaders were less sanguine.“Appeals to ‘our polity’ would be more convincing if we actually took our polity seriously,” the Bishop of Dallas James Stanton observed. The consequences of the bishops’ rejection were grim, others argued. “It now appears that a divorce maybe unavoidable,” Bishop Jeffrey Steenson of the Rio Grande told his diocese. Now “there is clearly no place left for conservative Christians within the Episcopal Church’s official structures,” Dr Ephraim Radner of the Anglican Communion Institute stated, while Dr Paul Zahl, the Dean of Trinity School for Ministry, the Episcopal Church’s flagship evangelical seminary, lamented: “It is time for all of us to give up,” and “give up unconditionally.”

And this one:

The Rt. Rev. William H. Love, Bishop of Albany, has appealed for unity following news that his predecessor has entered into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

The Rt. Rev. Daniel Herzog retired as Bishop of Albany Jan. 31. Bishop Love said he learned of Bishop Herzog’s decision in a letter dated March 19 which he received upon his return from the spring retreat of the House of Bishops.

And this one:

Concerned that his presentment trial would be a financial and public relations disaster for The Episcopal Church, retired Bishop William J. Cox informed Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori on March 29 that he had left The Episcopal Church and had been received into the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone.

(This one is especially scandalous. From what I gather, Bishop Cox, 86, had done saintly duty as a priest and bishop for over 40 years. He was being charged with performing sacramental duties without the permission of the diocesan bishop when he ordained two priests and a deacon at Overlook Park, Kansas on behalf of the Primate of Uganda in 2005, as well as conducting a confirmation service the next month. The idea that ECUSA would proceed to trial on charges like this when it refused to ever even charge John Spong for repudiating the Christian faith is obscene.)

Oh, and don’t forget this one:

Colorado’s largest Episcopal church was left in chaos after leaders voted to leave the denomination and the bishop responded by dismissing the parish’s leadership.

The controversy at Colorado Springs’ Grace Episcopal Church and St. Stephen’s Parish is the latest to roil the Episcopal Church following the national denomination’s acceptance of homosexuality.

The vestry of Grace Church and St. Stephen’s Parish on Monday voted to bolt from the national church and instead join a conservative Anglican church based in Nigeria.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s the largest congregation in the Episcopal Church (Christ Church, Plano TX), the two largest in Virginia (Truro and Falls Church), the largest in Kansas (Christ Church, Overland Park), the largest in Colorado, and dozens of others, with many more to come, including, most likely, some more big ones. Looks like the dam’s finally breaking, big time.

UPDATE: Should have mentioned that leads to the links came from T19 and MCJ. Thanks, brothers.)