The Religious Coalition for Abortion Reproductive Choice has a press release out about an “education and training fund” that it’s established to help clergy do whatever it is that they think clergy should do. One paragraph of the release particularly struck me as illuming the fatuousness of the pro-abortion religious lobby:

“Abortion is a moral, not a political, decision. Yet the continuous political attacks on abortion have obscured the single most important concern for the woman with an unwelcome pregnancy: making a decision that is right for her and her family. Pro-choice clergy counselors help each woman to make that decision, guided by her faith and considering her unique circumstances,” Reverend [Carlton] Veazey [president and CEO] said.

Abortion is a moral decision. Only in the perverse world of the RCRC is it a matter without political implications. (Didn’t the NCC recently declare that the federal budget is a “moral document”? If government spending can be both moral and political, why not the decision to end a life?) But the really interesting thing is that an allegedly Christian clergyman thinks that the “most important concern for the woman” is to make a decision “that is right for her and her family.” Is he seriously contending that obedience to God is a lesser concern? Is the Pope Catholic?