This isn’t exactly what appeals to me in clergy attire:

Traditional Lutheran congregations are looking a little different these days. With mainline churches either losing people in the pews or fearing such a loss, more have chosen to implement evangelical approaches to their less popular traditional ways.

At Zion Lutheran Church in California’s Silicon Valley, the congregation was installing their new associate pastor. A rock-n-roll band was set up on the front lawn of the church and clergy wearing brightly colored Hawaiian shirts sat down in front. After sermons were delivered and the service ended, the luau began.

The church was “not really Lutheran at all except that it took place on the front lawn of a Lutheran church,” wrote Stephen Ellingson, author of The Megachurch and The Mainline.

Please. Hawaiian shirts are sooooooo Rick Warren. It just isn’t something Lutherans can pull off. Of course, this is California. But I’ll bet they wouldn’t try doing this in Lake Woebegon.

I do agree, however, that suits and robes are probably off-putting for the unchurched. So I’m thinking about a different look this Sunday: