I wanted to make readers aware that there have been further developments in the situation in Paola, where First Church is facing one of the, if not the most, hard-line presbytery in the PCUSA. You can find the pertinent documents at the church’s Web site. The presbytery’s administrative commission has rejected all claims and proposals from First members who wish to be dismissed and move with property to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. It appears to simply be a summary decision (“off with their heads!”), and gives members a month–less now, since the deadline is November 24–to clear out if they are planning on doing so. Presumably, if they decide to stay but don’t like the way the denomination or presbytery are acting they have to sit down and shut up, pray, pay, and obey. The AC concludes its letter to the congregation, “with grace and friendship toward all and rancor toward none,” which is a funny way to end a letter from the governor saying he doesn’t want to listen to any more appeals before having you executed.

(Hat tip: Ryan.)