Another congregation in the Sacramento Presbytery (PCUSA) has taken the plunge, according to the Layman Online:

A third church is asking Sacramento Presbytery to let it leave the Presbyterian Church (USA) with its property for the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Sierra Presbyterian Church in Nevada City, Calif., held a congregational vote Jan. 27 on requesting dismissal from the PCUSA with its property. Three hundred and forty-two of the church’s 508 members, or 68 percent of the church membership, were in attendance and cast ballots, said the church’s senior pastor, the Rev. Scott Dixon.

Of those, 332 members or 97.2 percent voted for seeking dismissal and 10 members or 2.8 percent voted against the request, Dixon said.

There’s no word on whether events in Minneapolis last Saturday had any effect on the vote, though obviously the church must have been considering this for quite a while. I wonder whether any minds might have changed from negative or neutral to positive as a result of the Twin Cities decision, though.

The Sierra Church congregation’s reaction to the vote – even from those who couldn’t be there to vote Jan. 27 – has been positive and encouraging, Dixon said.

“From of the standpoint of Sierra Pres, it was good news,” he said. “It was a definitive thing from God, and now we’re looking forward to moving forward in the process and to a successful conclusion – and, hopefully, in a very Godly and gratifying way. That’s pretty much all there is at this point. We’ve got a lot of work to do ahead of us.”

That they do. Sacramento Presbytery (with the exception of one church which has contested settlements the presbytery has made with two large churches) has demonstrated a willingness to be fair, civil, and open to negotiation. I’ll be praying that such is the case with Sierra as well, and that the leadership of the aforementioned church will keep its nose out.