Christopher Johnson of the Midwest Conservative Journal has been dumpster-diving again, and came up with a genuinely bizarre episode of “When Liturgists Attack.” In this case, it’s a meeting of Call to Action, the liberal Catholic organization that is actually an Episcopalian black ops unit. (Unfortunately, C2A is off-line at this time, since there are so many people looking for laughs that their site’s bandwidth limit has been overwhelmed.) While the original isn’t available at the moment, YouTube has a portion of it. It must be seen to be believed: liturgical dancing, giant papier-mâché puppet heads, censer-fu, a statue of Buddha in the background (the service started with a Buddhist meditation), and more. Joe Bob says check it out.

UPDATE: Welcome to folks from Little Green Footballs and Age of Hooper. I feel like I’ve made the big time!

UPDATE: I should also mention that the Call to Action Web site is back up, and it’s a real treat to browse around in–almost any proto-Episcopal semi-Catholic you can come up with (from Rosemary Reuther to Hans Kung to Charles Curran) has got stuff on it. If you’d like a place to start to get to know the weirdness that is Call to Action, try the piece by New Age nutball Matthew Fox.