In one of those actions that either suggests widespread anti-Semitism in the PCUSA or widespread ignorance on the part of commissioners, the General Assembly this evening passed overture 11-01, “On Peace and Justice in Palestine and Israel.”

Why do I suggest that particular either/or? Because of the following connected items. First, the overture states:

2. Endorses the “Amman Call” regarding Arab-Israeli peace, issued by the World Council of Churches’ conference, “Churches Together for Peace and Justice in the Middle East,” at Amman, Jordan, June 18-20, 2007, including its affirmation of the UN resolutions that are the basis of a projected “two-state” solution, a shared Jerusalem, and the human rights of refugees and occupied peoples, its call to resist extremism and push for reconciliation, and its commitment to imperatives of ecumenical solidarity in action for Just Peace, directing that the Amman Call be printed in the Minutes of the General Assembly and considered in any study processes of the church.

What is the “Amman Call”? It’s a statement from participants at a 2007 World Council of Churches International Peace Conference entitled “Church together for Peace and Justice in the Middle East.” It takes the usual position on issues in the Holy Land: two-state solution, condemnation of Israeli settlements, condemnation of Israel’s security fence, even-handed condemnation of violence (because there’s no moral difference between suicide bombings of civilian restaurants and the targeted killing of terrorists), refusal to so much as name the terror gangs that dominate Palestinian life, virulent anti-Semitic propaganda in Palestinian schools and media never mentioned. It demands that the result of negotiations over Jerusalem be pre-determined by giving the Palestinians exactly what they ask for. Finally, and most tellingly, we have this:

9. We have heard the voices of the Christian churches of Palestine and Israel challenging and saying to us:

9.7. Insist with us that all dispossessed peoples, all refugees, have the right to return.

This is, as I’ve said many time before, a call for the destruction by demography of the Jewish state. At the same time that they call for two states, they demand that Palestinians be allowed to become a majority in Israel (which, being a democracy, would soon be a Palestinian-ruled state, at which point dhimmitude would be the fate of Jewish Israelis, if civil war didn’t result).

Here’s why I pose the either/or at the top of the post: either the commissioners hostility to Jews is so great that they believe that Jews, alone among the world’s people, have no right to self-determination or to a homeland of their own; or they have no idea what the Amman Call says and implies, and passed an overture that gave their backing to a statement they don’t understand. Take your pick–I don’t think either one covers the PCUSA with glory.

UPDATE: According to the GA Junkie, the commissioners even had an opportunity to rectify this by voting for an amendment that would have deleted paragraph 2. They refused by 61-39%. The final vote was 74-26%. Incredible.