Even before the votes were all in this week at the PCUSA General Assembly, there were those who had every intention of sticking their fingers in the eyes of those defending biblical morality. More Light Presbyterians tells the story:

More Light Presbyterians join in celebrating the marriage of the Rev. Susan Craig and the Rev. Bear Ride – possibly the first same-gender Presbyterian clergy to marry since the state of California weighed in on marriage equality.  Bear and Susan were married on June 19 at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, in the presence of family and friends, with the Revs Ed Bacon and George Regas and Rabbi Steven Jacobs officiating.  Craig and Ride’s four adult children served as “Best People,” with Ride’s mother beaming in the front pew.  Elder Michael Adee, Executive Director of More Light Presbyterians, and Martha Juillerat, founder of the Shower of Stoles Project, participated in the joyous celebration, with a number of Presbyterian clergy and friends praying, singing and cheering on.

Meg Endy – Craig’s daughter – was the first to call the couple after the CA Supreme Court decision was announced, to say, “Now you can get married!“ And Cait Scott – Ride’s daughter – reflected at the service “Its about time! We are so proud of Mom and Susan.  My brother and new step-brother and sister celebrate marriage equality as our own happy family expands.”

Michael Adee remarked “I kept wiping tears from my eyes during the wedding. It’s historic and momentous for Bear and Susan as they make their covenant of love ‘legal’ in the eyes of the state, and historic for the Church as it witnesses the blessing and grace of love expressed and shared in community.”

Traditional vows and rings were exchanged, scripture shared and reflected on, hymns sung and communion celebrated as Susan and Bear promised themselves to each other as spouses in the sight of God, their community, and the state.

Ride and Craig both have adult children, suggesting that they are ex-straights who presumably went through the destraightification machine before deciding they were lesbians. “Marrying” on the eve of the beginning of the GA was their way of saying, “ex-straights can get married, too, and there’s nothing you can do about it! Nana nana boo boo!”

(Hat tip: Steve Bryant.)