You know a group is way out there when it thinks the Democratic Party didn’t go far enough in its support of abortion on demand. The group in question is, of course, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, whose president, the Rev. Carlton Veazey, writes:

Last week, the Democratic Party Platform Committee issued forward-looking planks on abortion and reproductive health care. As a person of faith, I congratulate the Democrats for their stances and also ask them to commit to doing more.

The Democratic platform also takes two other positions that are important to people of faith. It pledges to end health insurance discrimination so that prescription contraceptives used by women throughout their reproductive lives will be covered along with other medicines. And it calls for compassionate care for rape victims – although it fails to call for universal access to emergency contraception.

Finally, the party pledges to achieve greater health care coverage – but does not mention including abortion in covered services. Including abortion services in a national health plan will be controversial and contentious – but we must remember that there are at least one million abortions a year in the United States and women deserve to have their decisions respected and to have the full range of reproductive health care services covered.

So the Democrats, while on the right track, apparently fouled up to some degree. They didn’t call for emergency contraception dispensers in every household, and didn’t advocate federal funding for any and all abortions, including the growing number that result because of the tragedy of the child being a girl. Naughty Democrats!

That’s your RCRC in action, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, UCCers, and Methodists.