Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies for wining the second World Series in franchise history. I had predicted the Rays in six, and boy was I wrong! The Phils dominated the Series from first to last, while the Rays looked listless much of the time, as if they’d shot their bolt against the Red Sox. The Rays can be proud of the season they’ve had, though, and they’ll be a force in the American League for years to come. But for now, the moment belongs to Philadelphia, a terrific team whose only significant free agent is Pat Burrell. Much as this Braves fan hates to admit it, the Phils are going to be serious contenders in the NL East for quite a while.

Of course, it was worth having the Phillies win to be able to see the best mascot in sports celebrate. This video is from another occasion, but it could easily have been from last night: