At the same time that PCUSA groups such as the Witherspoon Society and More Light Presbyterians trumpet every presbytery that votes to eliminate the fidelity/chastity standard for ordination, it seems that the early going shows no sign that things will be any different from the last vote on the subject in 2001. According to the Layman Online:

Presbyteries are continuing to follow the voting patterns of past years when considering amendment 08-b, the latest attempt to eliminate the “fidelity/chastity” ordination requirement (G-6.0106b) from the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Three presbyteries held votes on Saturday and one Thursday evening to bring the grand total to 15-7 against changing the Book of Order.

As you can see by looking at the vote chart at the Layman site, no presbyteries have changed sides since 2001. Specific vote totals, yes, but not the results that matter. So far, 22 of 173 have voted, leaving 151. Of those 151, 80 would have to vote for the amendment for it to pass, but of those 151, only 39 voted for the change the last time around. That means 41 presbyteries of those that have not yet voted would need to change their vote. That seems very unlikely.

On the other hand, given what has been wrought via judicial decision, as well as other General Assembly actions that don’t require presbyterial approval, does it really make any difference?