I have noted on previous occasions the over-the-top rhetorical approach of evangelical global warming warrior Richard Cizik. But according to Mark Tooley of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, it appears that Cizik’s leaving the National Association of Evangelicals has resulted in any restraint he might have had left to disappear:

Long-time National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) lobbyist Richard Cizik, now working for Ted Turner’s United Nations Foundation, is comparing his global warming alarmism to the Civil Rights movement. And he says skeptics of the climate apocalypse are akin to the naysayers who ignored ascendant Nazism in the 1930’s.

“If the `civil rights’ campaigns of the late 20th century were aimed at restoring the voting rights of African-Americans, a new kind of `civil rights’ campaign is needed to protect the lives of a billion of our fellow human beings,” Cizik pronounced in a recent interview with Religion News Service (RNS). The RNS report paraphrased Cizik as saying that humanity’s “mistreatment of the planet will be questioned as much as silence about the rise of Nazism and toleration of slavery.” Apparently Cizik cited a British relief group’s warning that global warming ultimately could victimize one billion people.

Right. Public skepticism of global warming hysteria has grown tremendously as the so-called “scientific consensus” (if indeed such a thing ever existed anywhere other than in Al Gore’s imagination) has crumbled under the weight of accumulating inconvenient evidence. For folks such as Cizik, that means only one thing: it’s time to up the rhetorical stakes, even if it means running afoul of Godwin’s Law.

Tooley has more on what my fellow EPC Presbytery of the East member Cizik has been up to, but I expect all you really need to know is that he went from the NAE to Ted Turner’s pet project for propping up the world’s most corrupt and useless international organization. The United Nations Foundation is a well-heeled advocate of universal abortion rights, extracting money from U.S. taxpayers to throw down the U.N. rathole, and radical population control measures. I hope Cizik is happy to be working for the outspokenly anti-Christian Turner.