Our central mission in the days ahead will be of course to welcome Father Alberto, and to support him on his path, but we recognize as well that his very personal and spiritual decision offers a window into our own story – the story of the Episcopal Church.


The scandal surrounding Padre Alberto and his girlfriend was unfortunate but because of his joining the Episcopal Church it has brought us to the attention of the public. I pray that we might be able to take advantage of this appropriately but without throwing this in the face of our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church.

–Episcopal Bishop Leo Frade of Southeast Florida, writing about the reception of Catholic priest Alberto Cutié into the Episcopal Church, and doing a fair Elmer Gantry imitation in the process–Cutié left Catholicism rather than being disciplined after being photographed earlier this month in an amorous tryst with a woman (who turned out to be his girlfriend of two years standing)

(Via MCJ and Stand Firm.)