This one is Dr. Leroy Carhart, the Nebraska abortionist whose name is part of the infamous 2000 Supreme Court decision Stenberg v. Carhart that overturned the state’s partial-birth abortion ban. His statement is on the Web site of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, of which he’s a board member, so I assume the RCRC approves of this:

It is time to condemn those who commit violent acts against abortion providers, and those who support and incite these violent acts, the radical religious right fundamentalist terrorists, as domestic terrorists. It is time to demand that these activities be added to the list of hate crimes, and that the perpetrators be prosecuted for hate crimes.

Once again, we have the act of a lone maniac used to justify libeling tens of millions of people who believe that abortion is wrong. They are now “terrorists,” who perpretrate “hate crimes.” Of course, the language here is nearly incoherent, so it may be that he’s only referring to the tiny handful of fellow maniacs who think that murder is hunky-dory. If so, he has no business using language such as “radical religious right fundamentalist[s],” which in the lexicon of the RCRC basically means anyone who disagrees with their blanket approval of any and all abortions.

Is it any different to plant white crosses in front of a clinic or a clinic workers residence than it is to place one in the front yard of a minority member?

Aside from the fact that one is meant as a memorial and the other meant to intimidate and implicitly threaten (oh, and one is burned and the other isn’t), I can’t think of any. Please note that he’s just equated those who silently and non-violently protest abortion with the KKK.

Why do you allow these terrorists that dedicate their lives to deny rights, and that support murder of physicians and medical workers, the right to be identified as “pro-life”. They are certainly not.

Not at all sure who he’s talking about. Every single statement by pro-life leaders and organizations have been completely condemnatory of Tiller’s murder, and they’ve made clear that murder is not a pro-life act. As for whether guys like Tiller’s murderer identify themselves as pro-life, I’m not sure what he wants pro-life organizations that have already repudiated them to do. Gag them?

It is time to chastise and, if necessary, replace local, city and state legislators that openly support hate crimes and terrorists. Every time a member of a government agency, looks the other way when any “illegal” activity is reported, they enable, perhaps even encourage the escalation of, further illegal activity. There is a difference between “freedom of speech” and bullying and harassment. There is a difference between civil disobedience and terrorism. There is a difference between protesting and forced invasions.

Again, I have no clue who he’s talking about, but I think that the mixing of terms in the paragraph make clear that for him and his buddies at the RCRC, any dissent from the current abortion regime that doesn’t take a form they approve of (which is to say, invisible and unheard) constitutes “hate crimes,” “terrorism,” “bullying,” “harassment,” and more generally, “Illegal activity.” The fact is that I don’t know of any public officials that have ignored crimes ranging from murder to trespassing. But Carhart wants them to consider some activities that are plainly legal–such as praying in front of an abortuary–to be beyond the pale, and for  officials to stop them.

Carhart is one of the country’s leading proponents of a procedure that is the moral equivalent of infanticide, so it isn’t surprising to hear him libel the entire pro-life movement. That the RCRC would give him a public platform to do so is disgusting, but entirely in character.