This one is Daniel Maguire, an allegedly Catholic professor of moral theology at Marquette University who has been a thorn in the side of those who belive Catholic colleges and their faculty should actually teach something approaching Catholic belief for years. At a Web site called “The Religious Consultation on Population, Reproductive Health, and Ethics (which looks more like a fanatically anti-Catholic site to me), he writes:

It has become American policy to use torture, bombing, and killing to achieve our ends. George Tiller believed that women must be able to exercise their legal and constitutional right to kill their children abortion in problem pregnancies. For honoring the law of the land, he and his family and medical staff were for years tortured, even bombed, and now he is now killed. He is not the first doctor to so die and unless we get serious about this form of terrorism, he will not be the last. Religious and political leaders who fan the flames of anti-choice, anti-woman fanaticism are not without guilt. [Crossed-out snark and emphasis added.]

In the world of allegedly Catholic moral theologian Daniel Maguire, to be “anti-choice” is to be “anti-woman,” to be “anti-choice” is by definition to be fanatical, and to speak out and try to convince the public that the unlimited abortion license is wrong is to “fan the flames of…fanaticism.” (Check the whole site of you have difficulty beliving that.) So once again, as with Susan Thistlethwaite and Leroy Carhart (see previous two posts), we have a pro-abortion activist using the actions of a lone nutjob to smear the moral convictions of tens of millions of Americans, and in Maguire’s case, tens of millions of his fellow Catholics, including all of the leaders of his church.

By the way, and somewhat off the topic, this paragraph also illustrates nicely why many people have a hard time understanding the controversy over “torture.” When Maguire says that Tiller, his family, and his medical staff were “tortured,” and connects it with an allegation regarding American public policy, he effectively drains the word of all meaning. Yes, Tiller was given a hard time over the years, and yes, he was even shot once before, and that’s awful, but nothing that has ever been done to him qualifies under any known defintion of torture. By itself, that makes one wonder whether Maguire, and many who agree with him who are similarly careless in their use of language, are really serious about the issue.

Oh, and speaking of misusing language–do you think it ever occurs to someone like Maguire that decrying “killing” as “American policy,” at the same time that you uphold the right of women to kill their unborn children for any reason and at any stage of development as a matter of public policy, is just the slightest bit contradictory?

(Via LifeSite News.)