I’m not part of the New Wineskins Transitional Presbytery, so I didn’t attend their meeting here in Brighton on Tuesday, but Edward Terry from the Layman Online did. Among other business, the presbytery sought to look into the future:

The New Wineskins Transitional Presbytery began a transition of its own Tuesday, introducing a plan that will phase out the organization while its members move toward full membership into the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

The proposal, entitled “Becoming One: The Process for the NWEPC Transitional Presbytery/Support Network for the Next Three Years,” was outlined during the group’s fourth stated meeting Tuesday at Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Brighton, Mich. The presentation included three break-out sessions in which New Wineskins and EPC officials answered questions, sought input, offered a timeline and explained technical aspects such as the reception of teaching elders and ruling elders.

The proposal encourages New Wineskins member congregations and those who will become members to enter into full membership into the EPC by June 2012. Though some New Wineskins congregations already are members, while many others remain independent of further affiliation, the hope is to set all on a path to EPC membership beginning immediately.

The proposal was received, and will be taken up again at the October meeting of the NWTP. Meanwhile, we will have a look at it here at EPCGA sometime in the next three days.