Those of you who read Steve Salyards post at GA Junkie regarding the EPCGA know there are a number of issues that he mentioned that I have not as yet. All have been dealt with this afternoon, so let me catch you up:

Overture 9-A requests that the EPC develop a position paper “setting forth the denomination’s beliefs and position regarding stem cells, the human embryo, and related questions of bioethics and human life.” Passed unanimously.

Overture 9-B asks “the Moderator to appoint a committee to review the Book of Order with the input of the Stated Clerks of all presbyteries for the purpose of identifying terms, sentences, paragraphs, and/or sections which are not clear and/or may cause confusion when applied.” Passed unanimously.

Overture 9-C would change the rules in a disciplinary case so that if the officer renounces jurisdiction before judgment is rendered the court would no longer need the individual’s permission to conclude the case and render judgment if “it is necessary for the purity of the church or the benefit of the offender.” Passed unanimously.

Overture 9-D had to do with the affinity presbytery, and the resolution of that is in my previous post.

Finally, Steve mentions the proposal for the creation of the position of “co-pastors,” which came with a positive recommendation from the Permanent Committee on Theology, but a negative one from the Ministerial Vocations Committee. The GA went with Ministerial Vocations and turned down the proposal.