I’m going to be doing a radio interview this afternoon starting at noon Eastern time with the Rev. Tom Brock, whose weekly program “The Pastor’s Study” can be heard on KKMS-AM in Minneapolis. You can listen to it streaming live here (click on the “listen live” link for the stream). Tom is pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, and has been reading this blog for some time. I’m honored to speak to him, and the subject will be “Heresies in the Modern Day Church” (and not just the one meeting in Anaheim this week). If you miss it today, you can still catch it tomorrow at 4 pm Eastern time (the interview actually begins 30 minutes into the program).

UPDATE: Well, I think that went pretty well. I’m not fond of speaking on the telephone, and I have a tendency to go on at greater length than I should. But I certainly enjoyed doing it, and I want to salute Pastor Tom and his co-host Marcus Dahl for making me feel welcome and doing an excellent job with the interview.