Lydia Evans, a lay deputy from South Carolina to the recently concluded Episcopal Church General Convention, has an excellent summary/analysis of the events. She not only deals with the sexuality resolutions, but the theological incoherence and financial difficulties that are also plaguing the denomination:

The Episcopal Church has become mired in her own polity, expecting discernment to arise from our legislative process — a system which attempts to settle matters of theology within a body of impatient laity and clergy.  In struggling to discern matters of human sexuality, we have begun to dispense convenient answers to very complex questions.  All too often these days, the Church, taking her cue from cultural contexts, seeks to provide a pastoral response by reconsidering questions settled long ago.  But as Christians we are called to be long-suffering and to look beyond our horizons — to reflect on centuries of Anglican teaching and tradition, and to listen carefully to our brothers and sisters in Christ — before we dare to move forward.

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