Coming out of the Episcopal Church’s General Convention, the spin from institutionalists was that D025, the resolution that effectively repudiated the moratoria on the ordination of sexually active gay bishops, didn’t actually change anything. It didn’t repeal 2006’s Bo33, the Anglican Communion was told, and was simply a statement about the current state of play. Well, with the ink barely dry on the resolution, two dioceses decided that the current state of play was to tell those who have a problem with gay bishops to get stuffed.

First, on Saturday there was the Diocese of Minnesota, which nominated the Rev. Bonnie Perry of Chicago to be its next bishop. Perry, whose autobiography says that she and her partner, the Rev. Susan Harlow, have been together for 22 years. She is one of three candidates.

Then, the next day, the Diocese of Los Angeles announced that it had nominated six candidates for two bishop suffragan (assistant to the diocesan bishop) positions. Of those, two–the Rev. Mary Glasspool of Maryland, who has been with her “life partner” Becki Sander for 21 years, and the Rev. John Kirkley of San Francisco, who with his “husband” Andrew Aldrich has just celebrated their 15th anniversary–are gay and partnered. Greg Griffith at Stand Firm, doing some research on the candidates, has already discovered that a recent blog posting of Kirkley’s, a meditation on the allegedly homosexual triangle of David, Jonathan, and Saul, has disappeared from its original home (though Greg has recovered and posted it on the SF site). It will be interesting to see what else turns up in the days ahead.

(Via Stand Firm.)