Stand Firm has posted one of the funniest things I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s a “creed” used at the end of a “worship service” (who or what was worshipped is unclear) that closed the 1992 conference of an organization called the International Anglican Women’s Network. I feel sure that this “creed” was meant as a light-hearted bit of humor, a kind of satire on New Agey, boilerplate left-wing cliche, college freshman English 101 course-type liturgy writing. It couldn’t have been meant seriously, could it?

We believe in God who carries us in her womb and gives birth to us;

who cradles us in her arms and feeds us at her breast;
and who teaches us to walk, and to walk together.

We believe in God who shows us in Jesus’ life and death that she dances in a child and beats with a drummer;
shines through the eyes of the youth;
who wanders with the landless and lives in the favelas;
who weeps with the children and suffers with the abused;
and who stands in solidarity with the oppressed.

We believe in God who says “I am becoming who I am becoming”;
who shatters our false idols and our incomplete images of the Holy;
who breaks the chains of our slavery to riches, consumerism, traditions, patriarchy, divisions, and fears;
who breaks the chains of our slavery due to sexism, racism, classism, illiteracy, poverty, oppression, post-colonialism, exploitation, militarism, and violence; [they forgot imperialism and heterosexism, but maybe there will be a new edition at some point–DSF]
who challenges us to let go of the chains of slavery in our minds, and allows her transforming Spirit to flow freely;

We believe in God who calls us to celebrate and dance;
to scatter to all corners of the earth to do justice for all peoples;
to respect and embrace the whole of her creation;
to see ourselves in the other.

We believe in God who fills us with her power to do what is required of us!

Yeah, I know, this was written almost 20 years ago, but hey–the Marx Brothers have all been dead for over 30 years, and they’re still funny!