There have been a lot of guesses over the years about the identity of the Anti-Christ. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot–name a vicious dictator of the last century, and someone has probably slapped that label on him. (Personally, I think it’s the guy who invented Muzak, but that’s just a conjecture.) Some people thought it was our 40th president, because his name spelled out 666 (Ronald Wilson Reagan–get it?)

So, given the unlimited inventiveness of people’s imaginations, it isn’t too surprising who the latest nominee is:

Don’t cheat yourself. Watch this all the way through to the end. Then pray for the congregation of this poor sap (who World Net Daily actually thought worth talking to, and who WND described as having “a theological education and many years in the ministry”). Finally, if you’ve taken one too many magic mushrooms and are wondering if maybe this guy is on to something, check out this column by evangelical seminary professor John Mark Reynolds, in which he detaches the YouTuber’s head and hands it to him on a platter.

*Birtherism, for the uninitiated, is the belief that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, and thus ineligible to be president. His birth certificate (hence “birtherism”) is supposed to be a fake, and he was supposedly actually born in Kenya, or Indonesia, or on Mars. Many Birthers also believe that astronauts never landed on the moon, that JFK was a documentary, that Queen Elizabeth II is a reptilian humanoid, and that Elvis and Marilyn are alive and well and living in Pocatello, Idaho, where they will soon by joined by Michael Jackson.