The biggest gay advocacy group in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America held a worship service last night, and according to (non-ELCA) Lutheran pastor Gregory Jackson, this was the affirmation of faith used at the service:

I believe in God,
Maker of an unfinished world,
Who calls us to participate in bringing about the fullness of Creation.

God, who created abundant resources to provide for all.
God, who has not divided people into rich and poor,
owners and slaves,
Nor pitted us against each other because of race, color, social class or sex.

I believe in Jesus Christ who was ridiculed, tortured and executed for the sins of humankind.
He has overthrown the rule of evil and injustice and continues to judge and redeem the hatred and arrogance of human beings.

I believe in the Spirit of God whose flame comforts us with divine presence and causes our hearts to burn for righteousness and justice.
I believe in the reconciling power of God in our lives and in the world.
I believe that God, through people, can bring peace and hope, justice and equality, the relief of suffering and pain, and the final triumph of love and grace.