Next week is the National Council of Churches “Climate Action Week,” which means its time to rally the troops. I got an e-mail today from the NCC’s “Eco-Justice Programs” unit, urging me to tell my Senators to DO SOMETHING!

The senate was supposed to take up climate and energy legislation this fall, but now they are saying they won’t address climate change this year if they even do it at all. This delay is unacceptable. They need to hear from as many people as possible to ensure they address climate change now and not later. Give your Senators a call the week of September 20th and tell them to pass climate legislation this year.

As people of faith, we are called to use our voices to speak out for justice for God’s people and God’s Creation.  Call your Senators and tell them God’s whole earth is good.

Here’s How:

Beginning September 20th 2009 the National Council of Churches will have a toll free number set up.
1. Dial 1-888-784-0527
2. This number will connect you to the Capitol Switchboard. Ask the person to connect you with one of your Senator’s Offices
3. Then, when you are connected, leave the following message with the person who answers the phone.
Hi. My name is ___________ and I am a constituent. As a person of faith, it is important to me that the Senate address climate change this year. It is time for us to be good stewards of God’s Earth and seek justice for all of God’s people.
4. Repeat asking to be connected to your 2nd senator’s office.

Notice what’s missing? Any reference to any specific piece of legislation. Instead, this is just a generic call to “address climate change.” Sounds good to me. Ed Norton demonstrates the technique: