You don’t know whether to laugh or cry when you read stuff like this. From Episcopal Life:

The Hindu American Foundation honored two Los Angeles area priests with its 2009 Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Advancement of Religious Pluralism September 23 at the foundation’s sixth annual Capitol Hill banquet.

The foundation also acknowledged the efforts of Bishop Jon Bruno of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles along with the Rev. Canon Gwynne Guibord and the Rev. Karen MacQueen, for “electrifying Hindus last year after issuing a formal apology for centuries-old acts of religious discrimination including attempts to convert them.” [Emphasis added.]

So in the funhouse mirror world of some members of the Episcopal left, it is now “religious discrimination” to try and bring the light of Jesus Christ to Hindus. But if anything, it gets worse:

Guibord, who is the diocesan officer for ecumenical and interreligious concerns, told the gathering, “We must continue to bear witness to the truth that it is simply not possible to say with any integrity or authentic witness to the values that undergird our two great faiths, that one loves God but hates another human being.”

So now seeking to bring the love of God in Christ to Hindus is not just discriminatory, but “hateful.” Her bishop echoed this:

Bruno, who was unable to be present, sent a letter expressing gratitude for recognition of efforts “to build bridges of cooperation between the great religious traditions … [and] assist you as your community strives for justice and equality.

“The world cannot afford for us to repeat the errors of our past, in which we Christians often sought to dominate rather than to serve,” according to the letter, read to the gathering by Guibord, who is also the consultant for interfaith relations for the Episcopal Church.

“In order to take another step in building trust between our two great religious traditions, I renew the apology that I have offered to the Hindu community for the religious and racial discrimination that Christians have directed towards Hindus for far too long. Such discrimination is wrong; it is a sin. There is no justification for it.”

Bruno committed to working together to put an “end to racial and religious discrimination against Hindus. We desire to work together in the great divine task of our time: to build reconciliation and peace, honoring the God-given dignity of each person, sharing and learning the wisdom of each other’s traditions, recognizing God’s equal love for each of us, and sincerely responding to God’s desire to bring us together into one human family, rich in diversity and mutual respect.”

Well, that’s that, then. Take this as a semi-official announcement that the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles has concluded that Christ no longer requires its services, J.J. Bruno and Gwynne Guibord will soon be getting real jobs, and the Anglican Christians of the L.A. Basin can get back to the work of carrying out that oh-so-hateful and discriminatory Great Commission thingy.

(Via Stand Firm.)