The left-wing Witherspoon Society, a PCUSA special interest caucus, features an article today by someone named Bill Peach. He’s writing about the Nobel Peace Prize, and much of what he says is unobjectionable, but this is the conclusion that he leads up to in the piece entitled, “Nobel Peace Prize 2009 – decided by a “left-leaning” panel?

The repeated reference to the panel as being “left-leaning” is more or less an obvious one. The criteria for nomination include pacifists, activists, advocates for humanitarian efforts, democratic reform, and peaceful resolution of conflicts. All of this makes you wonder if perhaps there should be a “right-leaning” panel to select a Nobel War Prize.

The references to the panel as being “left-leaning” actually has to do with their political affiliations in Norway, but let that pass. The point Peach seems to be making here is that peace, humanitarianism, human rights, etc. are all the purview of liberals and leftists, while war is the purview of conservatives and rightists. Given that, I can’t help but wonder about the political and ideological leanings of some of these folks:

•Winston Churchill: Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain who led the Allies to victory over the forces of evil and death that were Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan.

•Dwight Eisenhower: American general who led the military operations against a genocidal regime during World War II, and later, as a Republican president, ended the Korean War.

•Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher: Republican president and Conservative British Prime Minister whose efforts led the way to the end of the Cold War and the freeing of hundreds of millions of people from the yolk of Soviet totalitarianism.

•George H.W. Bush: Republican president who put together the coalition that defeated Saddam Hussein and freed Kuwait from Iraqi tyranny.

Those are just the ones that comes to mind off the top of my head–I’m sure you can add more. I wasn’t particularly a fan of Reagan or Bush, but only by a measure that insists, a priori, that only liberals care about peace and human rights could they or the others I mentioned be denied the Peace Prize. Yet none of them won it, while such stellar individuals as Yasser Arafat, fraudulent writer Rigoberto Menchu, Le Duc Tho (who negotiated the Vietnam War “peace” agreement knowing his country had no intention of abiding by it), fraudulent moviemaker Al Gore, and the corruptocrat Kofi Annan did. I think that sums up the expression “left-leaning Nobel Peace Prize panel” pretty well.