Every opinion I’ve read on the subject of the 2009 World Series says it should be one for the ages. Most have said that the Yankees have the edge, if for no other reason than the home field advantage (thanks to Bud Selig’s hair-brained idea of using the All-Star game to determine it–if he’d left well enough alone, the Phillies would have it this year) and the supposed invincibility of Mariano Rivera. But not only were the Phils the best road team in baseball this year, but I’ve long thought that Rivera’s dominance was at least partially explained by batters letting themselves be convinced of it. These Phillies, however, are not intimidated by any pitcher. So just to be contrarian (along with Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated, the only one of their panel of experts to pick the National League champs), I’m going to go with Philadelphia in seven. However, given my track record this year (Mets as wild card? Cubs winning World Series??), I wouldn’t bet on that.