In the vein of the previous post, we have another set of sore losers who are trying to intimidate those who disagree with them. In this case, it has to do with Maine’s referendum to ban gay marriage, which passed last week 53% to 47%. For Maine Marriage Equality, there’s no question of accepting defeat gracefully, or simply rolling up their sleeves and getting back to work to change the voters’ minds. No, they want to sic the IRS on their opponents in Maine’s churches:

You are probably already aware of churches that supported and actively promoted a “YES” vote on Question 1. Please take the time to file an IRS complaint against them. Examples of supporting documentation to include with your complaint are pamphlets or other material created and/or distributed by the church or religious organization, photographs that show attempts to influence legislation (see below), witness statements or recordings of individuals who were aware of the campaign activities, and any other evidence that may prove a church or religious organization attempted to influence the public to vote “YES” on Question 1. With your help, we can reaffirm our Constitutional Separation of Church and State and ensure that in the future, nobody’s civil rights are stripped away by religious fanatics attempting to force their religion on all of us.

The reference at the end to church-state separation is one of the most blatantly dishonest things I’ve ever seen spewed forth by a political organization. There is no mention at all on MME’s web site of the hundreds of churches and religious leaders who agreed with them MME in opposing the referendum. Apparently, whether one violates the First Amendment is dependent upon what political position you take when you engage in a campaign for or against a public policy referendum.

The larger point, however, is this. What the MME is trying to do is criminalize dissent from their preferred political and moral position. In seeking to bring the wrath of the IRS down on those who disagree with them (a process which, because of the expense that is potentially involved, is designed to scare opponents of gay marriage into staying out of any future debate on the issue), MME is exhibiting one of the prime characteristics of authoritarians everywhere–using the law, and law enforcement agencies, to silence opposition. It’s a repulsive practice that the IRS will hopefully refuse to be party to.

(Via Alliance Alert.)