That’s sarcasm, folks. God preserve us from people for whom self-expression trumps public propriety, good manners, or even common sense:

Hopping on board a Metro train Sunday, you would have expected to see fellow passengers bundled up against the January chill. Instead, dozens of riders inside a train at the L’Enfant Plaza station stripped down to their underwear.

It was all part of the 2010 No Pants Metro Ride. Similar pantless events took place in Baltimore and New York.

Capitol Improv organized the event. Those taking part met at about 3 p.m. Sunday for a pep rally of sorts. The plan was to act natural. “No Pants” participants walked through the Metro terminal and boarded trains without giving away any clues to their upcoming prank.

After the doors closed and the train went on its way, the pants started coming off.  Men and women stood barelegged among seats of stunned fellow passengers.

It turns out the No Pants stunt did have a point, of sorts. Capital Improv says their goal is to “bring moments of random happiness and confusion to as many people as possible.” Confusion, definitely. Happiness? Depends on whom you ask, right?

Yeah, I can see why having a bunch self-centered clowns suddenly start stripping on a Metro train in front of people who don’t want to see their boxers and thongs, and who would rather their children not see people taking off their clothes on public transportation, would bring about “random happiness.”

The BBC says they dropped their drawers in the name of “random happiness” in London, as well as Edmonton, Canada, where one young woman probably summed up the silliness:

With temperatures hovering around freezing in Edmonton, Canada, participant Sarah Jackson said she felt liberated by the event.

“People you know look around, they’re curious and interested and for some reason I feel incredibly comfortable in my underwear on the LRT,” she told CTV News.

As a great Church Lady once said…