Via Viola Larson, this request goes out for Fair Oaks and First (Roseville) Presbyterian churches in California. They are two churches that have been received into the EPC after reaching an amicable settlement with the Sacramento Presbytery, only to have it blocked by the actions of a disgruntled liberal whose disdain for presbyterial self-governance was such that he’s left the PCUSA to do some kind of interfaith thing. Anyway, after the Synod of the Pacific got involved, the matter  got taken to court, where the two churches have lost, according to the Metropolitan News-Enterprise of Los Angeles:

The Third District Court of Appeal on Friday reversed a ruling allowing two Sacramento-area Presbyterian churches to take their property with them as they left the national church.

The court held in an unpublished opinion that the trust in which the local churches held property for the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. could only be revoked by amending the national church’s constitution, not through amendments to the local churches’ articles of incorporation.

The guy who started all this, the Rev. David Thompson, essentially played spoiled child in response to the settlement, crying that the presbytery didn’t get enough money or that the churches should leave behind their buildings. Now he’s gone, and the court has laid a temptation before the presbytery to go back on its agreement with the two churches and grab the property. There are obviously lots of sane and charitable folks in the Sacramento Presbytery, so I’ll be praying that they will tell the Synod to take a hike and proceed with the settlement as originally agreed upon.