Got my weekly e-mail from the PCUSA/Democratic Party lobbying firm Washington Office today, and it takes up the issue of the Murkowski resolution that would have Congress roll back the Environmental Protection Agency’s power grab in declaring greenhouse gases (most notably carbon dioxide) a “pollutant.” In this e-mail they urge action:

Call your members of Congress and ask them to vote “no” on Senator Murkowski’s Congressional Review Act resolution and its corresponding measure on the House side. Members of Congress are hearing from the coal industry and other corporations who would like them to support this resolution but they need to hear from their constituents that protecting creation from climate change is your concern.

Since God is obviously asleep at the switch, it is up to us to “protect creation from climate change.” Uh, huh. I have just one thing to say to that:

The “hockey stick” has been completely discredited–it was a production of manipulated and dishonest data. So if the second graph, which takes into account the “medieval warming period” (the time during which, for instance, there was arable land in Greenland, which is why the Vikings called it that, not because they had a sense of irony), is correct, the Earth has been a lot warmer in the past than now, has seen much larger changes in temperature than we have, and–here’s the point–those changes weren’t caused by humans. Now, here’s the really amazing thing: notice the steep drop between the peak temp in 1200 to below the 20th century average, which the world was under for the vast majority of the next 500 years. That drop came about without any help from the UN, Congress, or the Presbyterian Church (USA). I know that isn’t really conceivable–I mean really, Pastor, you actually expect the planet to be capable of natural climate change sans the help of God’s Little Helpers?–but there it is.

I think this would be a good place to insert a compendium that Ed Morrissey at Hot Air put together. (I know it’s a conservative site–just check out the links to liberal media such as Britain’s Guardian to see this isn’t just some fundamentalist/neocon/coal industry/oligarchical disinformation campaign.) In this post he’s talking about the failure of the American media to cover the story, but my point is for you to notice how many issues are stacking up that mitigate against the anthropogenic theology of the Religion of Green™:

That’s a lot to ignore, even for the Washington Office, the NCC, or the other mainline climate hysterics.