The Pew Research Center recently asked 1500 adults to offer the first word that came to mind regarding Congress. The list, according to the Washington Times:

Dysfunctional, corrupt, self-serving, self-centered, selfish, self-absorbed, inept, confused, incompetent, ineffective, lazy, bad, suck(s), poor, crook(s), crooked, disappointing, gridlock, deadlock, idiots, idiotic, slow, mess, messed up, messy, lousy, terrible, disorganized, unorganized, divided, good, stupid, children, childish, child-like, dissatisfied, do nothing, failing, failure, inadequate, greedy, joke, jokers, not good, partisan, socialist, useless, worthless, bull(expletive), chaos, clowns, frustrating, frustrated, horrible, inefficient, liberal, liars, money-hungry.

Somehow they missed “moronic,” “infantile,” and “anti-democratic” (though admittedly there are synonyms for each), so I’ll supply them. Feel free to offer your own in the comments, but keep it clean.

(Via MCJ.)