The United Church of Christ has launched another ad campaign, this time on the Internet. Entitled “The Language of God,” it has the merit of not attacking other churches by implication. It is tied to the UCC’s continuing “God is Still Speaking” theme, but unfortunately what it suggests is that while God may still speaking, the only thing He’s really interested in is universal human values such as compassion and justice:

That’s 105 seconds of largely random images (what do a skateboarder and people playing touch football have to do with compassion, the word they follow?), some of which are political, some ecclesiastical, some apparently pointless. There’s nothing about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, redemption, the cross, the resurrection, faith, or much of anything else that would differentiate the UCC from Unitarianism except a few references to God. I’ve watched this several times, and near as I can tell the basic message is that the UCC is politically activist, against racism, for gay rights, and has next to nothing to do with God.

Come to think of it, that’s about right.