POTE, for those of you outside the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, stands for “Presbytery of the East.” We met yesterday in Circleville, New York, and had the privilege of bringing five new congregation into our fellowship. Memorial Park EPC in Pittsburgh, Chippewa United Presbyterian in Beaver Falls, Covenant EPC in Ligonier (all Pennsylvania), the Church at Ridgebury (NY), and a mission church, North Point, in Beverly Massachusetts. We were also honored to admit to the ranks of POTE teaching elders from Memorial Park, Covenant, and Chippewa. It made for a long and exhausting meeting, but also a joyful one, as we saw new brothers and sisters proclaim, in the Rev. Dean Weaver’s words, that they had “come home.”

We’ve got more than a dozen more former PCUSA churches coming our way in September and January, and after the PCUSA General Assembly gets through in June, may have even more. Please pray for our presbytery as we work through the complicated but rewarding process of providing a home for evangelical Presbyterians who wish to minister alongside like-minded believers.