The Episcopal Church consecrated a new bishop yesterday. She’s gay:

The Episcopal Church has consecrated a woman as its second openly gay bishop, seven years after stirring lingering controversy by ordaining a man to a similar post.

The Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool, of Baltimore, was ordained and consecrated on Saturday. It also makes her one of the first two female bishops in the Diocese of Los Angeles’ 114-year history.

She was installed at Long Beach Arena before 3,000 people, who burst into applause at the end, church spokesman Bob Williams said.

The arena seats 13,500, suggesting that the diocese thought this would be a much bigger deal than it turned out to be. On the other hand, an arena only one-quarter full for an Episcopal service sounds about right.

The Episcopal Church thinks it’s on the cutting edge, or something. Actually, it has simply caved in to the culture, which unfortunately for it doesn’t give a hoot about its Unitarianism dressed up with fancy duds. The Rev. Matt Kennedy, whose faithfulness to the gospel resulted in he and his congregation in upstate New York being driven from their church, put it best at Stand Firm:

That the Episcopal Church–an evaporating pond already overstocked with committed Muslims, witches and wizards, Sufi dancers, labyrinths, cosmic techno masses, Buddhists, John Spong, Marcus Borg, John Chane, and, yes, many people who engage in sex acts with members of the same sex–tosses an episcopal lesbian into the stagnating water just isn’t news. Its sadly obvious that they desperately wanted the attention. They rented an auditorium that seats tens of thousands of people. They were preparing for a vast media presence. You get the sense that they really wanted to recreate that old magic civil rights breaking the barriers feeling–that rush of exhilaration: “Look at me world! I’m a brave revolutionary! I am defending the downtrodden, upholding the outcast, including the excluded!” They wanted the crowds. They wanted the coverage. “Everybody look! Here we are, an historic church. And look what we are doing. We’re consecrating a lesbian! Isn’t that grand? Aren’t we the embodiment of all that the masses long for?”

How disappointing it must have been when no one took much notice.