The World Council of Churches has long maintained that it wants to be an even-handed broker for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But as part of its “World Week for Israeli Capitulation Peace in Palestine and Israel”,” it climbs into bed with extreme far-left Jewish activists who want to see Israel destroyed:

The plight of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation and the need to hold the Israeli State accountable under international law were highlighted at a roundtable hosted by the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum in Geneva, Switzerland on 31 May. The roundtable was one of the events marking the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel.

“The occupation is simply strangling the Palestinian economy”, Nathan Finkelstein added.

“The military occupation strongly influences the life and working conditions of people living under it”, said Nathan Finkelstein. He listed poor salaries, child labour, lack of social benefits and absence of legal rights amongst the consequences of the occupation on Palestinian workers.

Participating at the roundtable together with Jamjoun were Caroline and Nathan Finkelstein, two Geneva-based Jewish activists who are members of Urgence Palestine and of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.

In fact, the Palestinian economy on the West Bank has been growing strongly, even in the face of a world-wide recession, but that’s not the point. The point is that the Finkelsteins are part of an organization, the IJAN, that has called explicitly for the destruction of the Jewish state:

Our commitment is to the dismantling of Israeli apartheid, the return of Palestinian refugees, and the ending of the Israeli colonization of historic Palestine….

The moment when the Zionist movement decided to build a Jewish State in Palestine, it became a movement of conquest….

Israel, once a vehicle for the British and French assault on Arab unity and independence, is now a junior partner in the US-allied strategy for world military, economic and political control, specifically for domination of the strategic Middle-East/Southwest Asia region. The danger of nuclear war through a US/Israeli attack on Iran reminds us that Israel is an atomic bomb that should be urgently dismantled for the sake of saving the lives of all its current and potential victims.

We unequivocally support the Palestinian Right of Return.  We call for a dismantling of the racist Israeli law of return that privileges the rights of any person that the State of Israel deems as Jewish to settle in Palestine while excluding Palestinians and making them refugees.

You get the point. Looking at the IJAN web site, I couldn’t help but be struck by the similarity of the rhetoric to that of International ANSWER and the Workers World Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party, the CPUSA and others on the extreme left. The fact that the Finkelsteins are Jews is incidental to their actual primary identity as agitators for the anti-Semitic left.

On a day when the General Secretary of the WCC is on his high horse condemning Israel, we need to remember just who these people are.

PS: I should also mention that the article cited above also mentioned the participation of a “Palestinian activist” by the name of Hazem Jamjoun, who has explained himself well at Common Dreams:

The push for the establishment and international recognition of an independent Palestinian state within the Palestinian Bantustan is no different from the South African Apartheid regime’s campaign to gain international recognition of Transkei or Ciskei. This is the core of the “two-state solution” idea. The major and crucial difference is that in the current Palestinian case, it is the world’s superpower and its adjutants in Europe and the Arab world pushing as well, and armed with the active acceptance of Palestine’s indigenous intermediaries.

That’s nothing more or less than a call for Israel’s destruction and replacement by a single state, presumably with an Arab majority, that could then in short order either reduce the Jews to dhimmitude, or expel them altogether. And Jamjoun and the Finkelsteins were apparently the leaders of this little soiree.

So the next time you hear the WCC talk about playing a role in the “peace process,” remember–this is who they are.