So the owners of the Empire State Building will, upon request, light the top of one of America’s most famous landmarks with colored beams in honor of whatever. For instance, last September 29, the ESB looked like this:

That was in honor of an anniversary that I’m sure is near and dear to all of our hearts, namely the 60th anniversary of the Communist takeover of China. That was a great leap forward for all humanity, a veritable cultural revolution to stir men’s souls. Of course, it did sign a death warrant for tens of millions of people over the next six decades, but hey, just remember the old saying about omelets and eggs.

Now, another request has been made of the owners of the building, that it be lit blue and white in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of one of the most beloved women of the 20th century. A no brainer, right?

New York City’s Empire State Building said “yes” to Mariah Carey, dog shows, cancer charities – and even the 60th anniversary of communist China.

But the landmark skyscraper’s owners have declined to illuminate it in honor of the late Mother Teresa.

Requesting a lighting display involves filling out an application evaluated by the Empire State Building Co., which is privately owned and considers selection “a privilege, not an entitlement,” according to the website with the application form. A decision is made “at the sole discretion of the (company’s) ownership and management.”

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn told the AP that she spoke Tuesday with Empire State Building owner Anthony Malkin.

Although the real estate mogul was “very professional” and said he “would reflect on the points I made,” she said, he didn’t give her a satisfactory answer.

The building is privately owned, and its their choice as to who to honor. It’s our choice as to whether we fork over the 20 bucks they ask to use the 86th floor observatory, or the 45 bucks for an “express pass.” Next time you’re in the Big Apple, you know what not to do.

UPDATE: Not sure how I managed to do it, but I apparently imported some of the advertising from the Washington Post story from which this was taken along with the article text. Thanks to Kate for noticing and bringing it to my attention.