It’s Friday morning, and we’ve resumed the discussion of the recommendations from the Committee on Women Teaching Elders.

First up, the recommendation on #1, adding an excerpt from the position paper on women’s ordination to the Book of Government. Emphasis is on unity in love and providing a safe haven for ex-PCUSA churches. Passed overwhelmingly on voice vote.

UPDATE: Now on recommendation #2, amending Book of Government to add provisions I mentioned yesterday to allow congregations to change presbyteries. If any will be really controversial, this will be it, since it’s the heart of the report.

The former stated clerk, RTS theology professor Mike Glodo, spoke in favor of it as a matter of mission. Those against seemed most concerned for the authority of presbyteries. After a very civil discussion, this also passed overwhelmingly by voice vote.

UPDATE: Other recommendations followed as day follows the night (with the exception of recommendation #5, a fairly arcane item that has to do with the definition of a presbytery, which was amended for clarity and referred to the Permanent Judicial Commission for examination before being voted on). As I expected, the recommendations have all passed and will now go to the presbyteries for further discussion and passage. Also as expected, the discussion was entirely respectful, with everyone concerned with maintaining the unity of the assembly.

UPDATE: Recommendation #5 passed after tweaking by the PJC.