Alan Wisdom of the Institute on Religion and Democracy reports that the PCUSA General Assembly Committee on Civil Unions and Marriage Issues has passed (47-8-2) the report of the Special Committee on Civil Union and Christian Marriage. Alan writes:

That’s the report that says the denomination has “no consensus” on the topic, each local church and presbytery should develop its own policy, and we should all show “mutual forbearance”–i.e., not hold one another accountable to follow what the PCUSA constitution says about marriage.

The majority, I am convinced, did not want to hear the biblical and confessional witness on marriage. In one revealing early test vote, they deleted a sentence noting that the PCUSA confessions consistently define marriage as between a man and a woman. They knew it was true. The minority report put all the confessional citations in front of them. But they just didn’t want to acknowledge that truth. They wanted to pretend that the church’s teaching on marriage was undefined and subject to any number of icreative reinterpretations.

I suspect “icreative” in that last sentence is a typo, but it has a real appropriateness, don’t you think?

Alan will be reporting from Minneapolis throughout the GA. Be sure to check on his updates at the IRD web site.