The PCUSA General Assembly is debating the foray into immigration politics and law called 11-11, “Regarding a Call to Stand with Immigrant Presbyterians in Their Hour of Need.” (I previously commented on this here.)

There’s a minority report that strikes the call to boycott Arizona, or otherwise grandstand on the Arizona law, and seeks to have the PCUSA respond to the issue with dialogue and education. So what does a pastor from New Mexico do? When the discussion of the minority report began, he moves to amend it to put in the boycott language, thus making the minority report say essentially the same thing as the majority report! Commissioners had enough integrity to vote down such stupidity.

The debate was about what you’d expect. Some argued that boycotting Arizona would both hurt those the Assembly wants to stand with, some argued that those most effected by a boycott are those who would want one, and of course there were the irrelevant personal testimonies. One young lady on the committee said that after reading the law the night after hearing a summary, she wished she’d voted differently, because the summary of the Arizona law was so biased. One woman clergy preferred the majority item, because it would mean ACTION! In the end, the minority report was defeated by 390-223, which means the majority will be approved. That provoked one commissioner to ask whether, if Pennsylvania passed a law similar to Arizona’s in the next year, would it mean that the General Assembly would have to be moved? To which Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk, said he didn’t see the word “shall” in the overture, so nevermind.

There was more gas, but you get the point.