I’m watching the PCUSA General Assembly this evening, and my jaw dropped when I heard a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, bringing ecumenical greetings, taking the Assembly to task for its actions regarding homosexuality, which he said looked to him to be at attempt at creating a new religion, “a modern form of paganism.” (He also indicated his disappointment that the assembly worship that used the Nicene Creed included the filioque.) I tuned in too late to hear who the gentlemen was (though he did refer to being from Belarus), but I can’t say enough about his forthrightness in bearding the lion in its own den.

UPDATE: Perry Robinson at Energetic Procession provides the missing information:

The Priest in question seems to be the Very Reverend Siarhei Hardun from the Orthodox Church of Belarus.

UPDATE: My mistake. It was Jeff Smith who actually provided the information; Perry provided the quote. 🙂