The University of Illinois religion professor who got fired for teaching about Catholicism in his Catholicism class is going to have his case reviewed by a faculty committee that will hopefully be more than a cover-your-butt rubber stamp for the school’s administration. According to the Associated Press:

A faculty group at the University of Illinois’ flagship campus will review the decision to fire an adjunct religion professor for saying he agreed with Catholic doctrine on homosexuality.

Urbana- Champaign campus Chancellor Robert Easter said Monday he hopes to have a decision on the firing of Kenneth Howell from the Faculty Senate’s Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure by the time fall classes start. The review is to determine whether Howell’s academic freedom was violated.

“We want to be able to reassure ourselves there was no infringement on academic freedom here,” new university President Michael Hogan told members of the Faculty Senate on Monday. “This is a very, very important, not to mention a touchy and sensitive, issue. Did this cross the line somehow?”

I’m not sure how you can say that Howell’s firing didn’t “cross the line,” if Hogan is talking about the line between the university as a bastion of independent thought that welcomes a genuine diversity of views and the university as left-wing indoctrination center. There are clearly people in his administration who think that academic freedom is fine unless you dissent from left-wing orthodoxy. Hopefully, one or more of them will wind up paying a price for operating on that mindset, rather than being allowed to help continue the process of killing freedom of thought and speech in American higher education.

(Via Hot Air.)