Christian morality is as old as Christianity itself. It doesn’t need to be invented now. Those attempts to invent new morality look for me like attempts to invent a new religion — a sort of modern paganism.

When people say that they are led and guided by the Holy Spirit to do it, I wonder if it is the same Holy Spirit that inspired the Bible, if it is the same Holy Spirit that inspires the Holy Orthodox Church not to change anything in Christian doctrine and moral standards. But if it is the same Spirit, I wonder … if there are different spirits acting in different denominations and inspiring them to develop in different directions and to create different theologies and different morals?

Father Siarhei Hardun of the Orthodox Church of Belarus, speaking to the PCUSA General Assembly

(I know I have previously posted on this, but Terry Mattingly’s syndicated Scripps-Howard column included the full quote, so consider this an oldie but goodie.)