For reasons known only to the voices inside his head, Fred Phelps’ band of Merry Pranksters from Westboro Baptist Church are picketing outside Comic-Con this weekend. (For the culturally unaware, Comic-Con is an annual gathering of comic book, science fiction, fantasy, and other genre fans; gathering so many nerds in one place usually results in a temporary slippage of the Earth’s axis, which is why it’s so beastly hot here in the DC metro area today–naturally, I’d be there if I could.) Anyway, they were doing their usual God-Hates-Fags-America-Pretty-Much-Anyone-Who-Isn’t-Part-Of-The-Phelps-Gene-Jacuzzi routine, when the fanboys (and girls) went into action. Comics Alliance has pictures, including my favorites:

Amen–preach it, brother. Then there was the line of the day, from commenter “Kat,” who apparently does know his or her New Testament:

The geek shall inherit the Earth.

(Via Hot Air.)