This is a big part of the reason why guys such as Harold Camping are gonna have some ‘splaining’ to do when they come before the judgment seat of God:

Marie Exley of Colorado Springs is convinced that Armageddon, the end of the world as written of in the Bible, will come next year.

Her conviction is so strong that, though unemployed, she’s paid $1,200 to buy advertising space on 10 Springs bus benches through October to get the word out. The ad says, “Save the Date! Return of Christ: May 21, 2011,”

“I want to do all I can to get the message out,” Exley, 31, said.

Exley got the idea for the ads from listening to Family Radio, a Christian broadcast heard on 55 stations in the United States, including KFRY, 89.9 FM, in Pueblo. It’s hosted by controversial Christian leader Harold Camping.

The ads are written and designed by the creators of, an Ohio-based web site devoted to reminding people of Christ’s return.

“We hope it raises awareness and sends people to their Bible,” said Robert Dunham, spokesman for “Time is running out, but there is still time for salvation.” says it has no connection to any other organization, but Camping’s paw prints are all over it. Regardless, the idea that unemployed people are wasting their scarce resources to get out a ridiculous and indeed completely unbiblical “warning” ought to shame people such as Camping and Dunham. What I said about Camping back in January goes not only for him, but for his would-be apostles as well:

The sad thing is that this would-be prophet, like so many before him, is going to take in who knows how many people with his numbers game, and do who knows how much spiritual damage in the process.

Pray for Ms. Exley, that one of the orthodox churches in Colorado Springs will see its way clear help her with her financial need if any, and get her disconnected from the likes of Harold Camping.