The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is throwing a tantrum. The RCRC thought that its allies in the administration had put a fast one (in the form of getting the Stupak Amendment shelved in favor of a promised executive order that would be quietly ignored) over on members of Congress who voted for health care reform in the belief that no federal funds would be used to pay for abortions except under the conditions permitted by the Hyde Amendment. The administration, with RCRC cheerleading on the sidelines, tried to pull an end run, got caught, and has now backtracked. And RCRC isn’t going to take it:

As people of faith, we are morally outraged that the Obama administration has issued an interim final rule to ban insurance coverage for abortion for some of the most medically vulnerable women in the United States.

On July 30, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released interim final regulations for the new high-risk pools, which are designed to provide health coverage to people who have been denied access to private health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Abortion coverage will be banned in these temporary health-insurance pools that will transition us into the new healthcare system. This is unacceptable!

We fought against this kind of restriction in the Stupak Amendment and we cannot accept it now.

Presumably that means that Carlton Veazey will soon be marching into the Oval Office and, well, you know: