One of the enduring phenomena of the American religious scene is the use of far left anti-Zionist Jews by mainline Protestants to advance the latter’s anti-Israel agenda. It’s an old story, one that goes back to the 30s, when the Christian Century used the splinter American Council for Judaism’s opposition to the establishment of a Jewish state to serve its own purpose. Dexter van Zile of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) has a terrific article that explores a bit of the history, while focusing on recent examples, particularly in the PCUSA. An excerpt:

For the anti-Israel activists in mainline churches, one-sided testimony from these activists is manna from heaven. Not only does it legitimize the received wisdom that Israel is (or should be) a pariah state, it also protects Christian anti-Israel activists from charges of anti-Jewish bias on the grounds that Jews would not say such terrible things about Israel if they were not true. The message they offer is that it’s the Jews – and not the people who hate them – who are the problem. Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas aren’t really so bad, it’s the Jews and their state we need to worry about.

In their testimony before Presbyterians in Minneapolis, [Jeff] Halper and [Stefanie] Fox expressed more moral outrage over the sins of their fellow Jews than they do over the misdeeds of groups like Hamas and Hezbollah that seek Israel’s destruction. In the narrative offered by these commentators, the only country whose sins are worth recounting is Israel. Israel’s behavior is condemned on a theological and moral level while the misdeeds of its adversaries are either passed over or blamed on Israel.

Despite the inherent hostility and unfairness of this story, so-called peace activists in mainline Protestant churches have lionized Jewish activists who tell it, portraying them as the authentic Jewish voice that Christians (and other Jews) should listen to.

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(Via the Layman Online.)